Opened in 1956 in Paris, La Maison du Caviar is an institution created at the time by the importer Caviar Volga at the instigation of His Majesty the Shah of Iran. Located in the heart of the Golden Triangle, just a stone's throw from the Champs-Élysées, this elegant and prestigious address has attracted for decades accustomed Parisian and international clientele, come to taste caviars of the best provenances, smoked fish and other products of excellence.

21, rue Quentin Bauchart
75008 Paris

Métro L1 George V

Parking George V
Parking Pierre Charron

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Due to current government measures, La Maison du Caviar is actually closed. We are looking forward to welcome you back very soon.
In the meantime, our Boutique is open every day from 10 am. to 8 pm. and delivery in Paris in 2 hours and in France in 48 hours is available.

+33 1 47 23 53 43

La Maison du Caviar offers a selection of exceptional products that will delight lovers, experts and neophytes. Find our best caviars, smoked salmon, taramas, poutargue & salmon eggs at the restaurant or take them away at the shop or order them on our e-shop.

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Check our e-shop.
La Boutique de La Maison du Caviar selects its products from among the best and rarest in the world. Its caviars, of course, but also its salmon, taramas, bottarga, salmon roe, blinis and a whole range of delicatessen and alcohol. Available in store or delivered to your home in 2 hours in Paris and in 48 hours in France.